We offer standard Oil and Gas Laboratory services that carries our trademark quality. When you get any test results from Linkage Inspection, it bears the rigor of our seasoned chemist who knows the grave financial implications of products that fall short of contract specifications.

We don’t misquote the quality of the stipulated products of our clients, conducted either in our laboratory or at third party laboratory in key trading terminals anywhere in the world.

We employ best practices and latest technology in conducting our test thus, our result are respected globally as objective and faithful to the stipulations of the contract

We understand fully the chemical characteristics of products, especially petroleum where we watch out for the water level. Our chemists conduct pressure tests, water level test and ascertain the composite properties of the product to ensure that they are in strict semblance to the properties stipulated on the cargo manifest.

Our centrifugal equipment’s are cutting-edge. We don’t give room for errors in testing samples. Our test cover, not just liquid product but commodities in all forms-powder, gas and solid. We make our test results clear, following international metric standards as we know that the transactions cut through multiple borders and languages

This is why our laboratory certificates have been used as independent assessment of deals with stakes running into several millions of dollars. Linkage Inspection also carries out the following Laboratory Analysis and Service

  • Soil Test
  • Effluent Analysis
  • Split Contingency Control
  • Waste Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

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